The most relevant, foreseen actions for the EU LIFE+ project "Life Cycle Habitation" are shortly described below.

A - Preparatory actions

Existing innovations of previous projects are adapted to the specific site and a system layout for the whole prototype buildings, including the energy supply system, is done, architectural preliminary design of the prototype buildings is prepared.


B - Implementation Actions

The building design is submitted for approval and drawings for the prototype buildings are produced. The building site and infrastructure are prepared, as well as resource-efficient point foundations are laid. Prototype buildings in different structures are realised:

  • Prefabricated modular building elements insulated with straw bales for a building complex including a community centre and four living units.
  • A load-bearing straw bale construction for two additional living units.
  • The innovative energy supply system (solar thermal collectors, PV, biomass, CHP; prototype household appliances) is installed in the buildings.

C - Monitoring & Quality Assurance

A monitoring system is designed and installed. The energy consumption is monitored, documented and evaluated. Resource consumption for the building phase is monitored, including the production of building materials, transport, and processing as well as erection on-site. A set of quality assurance activities guarantees the quality of planning and building.

D - Communication und Dissemination

The Project website is created and notice boards produced. The project is presented at least at five conferences and in four scientific publications. Folders, brochures, posters, roll-ups are produced and disseminated to stakeholders. Public relations and media work contain: guided tours, opening events and exhibitions in the community centre, media contacts, and press releases. Trial living with a workshop and questionnaires is organized to involve stakeholders in the project and to monitor energy consumption and the usability of the living units. A layman’s report is written.

E - Project Management

Project management is done by GrAT: Additional a network in the region and with future stakeholders and financers is built up to foster and enlarge the settlement after the LIFE+ project. An After LIFE+ Communication Plan is produced.