View appartement building (south-front) and duplex building (south-front)

Ecological and Energy-Efficient Living

LIFE Cycle Habitation is a Demonstration Project with Carbon Neutral Construction and Innovative Energy Supply System

The demonstration project LIFE Cycle Habitation* shows up innovative construction concepts that significantly reduce CO2 emissions as well as mitigate consumption of energy and other resources over their entire life cycle. Prototypes for carbon-neutral and “LIFE cycle”-oriented residential buildings were designed and built and make energy-efficient settlements the standard of tomorrow in line with the EU 2020 objectives. To this end, a high resource and energy-efficient building compound was built in the region of St. Pölten (Lower Austria) consisting of eight residential units and a community center as straw bale buildings of different innovative construction types (load-bearing and pre-fabricated modular construction) and are supplied through a highly innovative energy-supply system. The consumption of electricity is reduced by app. 80%, the whole village is provided with renewable energy.LIFE Cycle Habitation is carbon neutral over its entire life cycle. The innovative buildings and technologies can be experienced by trial living, which will guarantee wide dissemination and promotional effects.

*with the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union